Minggu, 13 Agustus 2017

My Unforgettable Present

I want to tell you about one of my hobby and my unforgettable present that I've ever had. My hobby is Karate. This hobby I have described on my previous post. But now, I wasn't going to explain about this kind of my hobby.

Three years ago, I follow the national competition of Karate at Tangerang, Banten.
My age is still twelve years old on that moment. Before I follow every the competitions, I always practice everyday in order to be a champion on that competition. If I win, my parents will be proud of me. So, I have to do it because I want to make them proud of me.

I'm so grateful that I can be a 1st winner on that competition. There is something interesting from the competition. There is a doorprize and the prize is a motorcycle and a TV. But the rules, it must a winners on the competition who can participated in the lottery.

The lottery will be started at the end of the competition. Before the biggest doorprize, there is another doorprize and the prize is some shirts. And a lot of my friends are won the shirts, but I'm not. But I won the motorcycle.

Minggu, 06 Agustus 2017

My New Friend


Situation : At School, Tabina gets acquantied with Navita, when Navita stumbles.

Navita : "Oops."
Tabina : "Are you ok? Do you need some help?"
Navita :  "Oh, thanks. I'm ok. By the way, I'm Navita."
Tabina : "Hey, I'm Tabina. Nice to meet you."
Navita : "Nice to meet you, too."
Tabina : "Where are you going?"
Navita : "I'm going to the new hall. What about you?"
Tabina : "Me too. What if we go there together?"
Navita : "It sounds good. What extracurricular you want to join?"
Tabina : "I'd like to join basketball team. How about you?"
Navita : "I want to join classical music."
Tabina : "Wow, cool. What's your talent?"
Navita : "I like to sing a song."
Tabina : "I wish I could singing too, by the way the event is get started. Let's go to the insiden of the new hall."
Navita : "Let's go."

Minggu, 30 Juli 2017

All About Navita

All About Me

Holla! My name is Navita Az Zahra from X MIPA 9. You can call me Vita or Navita. I was birth on 2 December 2002. So, I still 14 years old now, that will turn 15 years old in 5 months. I lived in Bandung since I was born. Which is located on Rajamantri II number 8A.

In my family, I am the younger kids. My father's name is Arifin and my mother's is Diana. My father has work in Purwakarta, and my mother is a housewife. I have two twin sisters and a brother. They're name is Ikhsan, Regita, and Regina. My brother now has work in Jakarta, and my sisters are still in college. I miss hang out with my family, but now they are always busy with theirs affairs. I wish I can turn back the time. But, they're always beside me everytime I need them. That's why I love my family.

Previously, I was study on 13 Junior High School. I was happy to be the alumni of this amazing school. Now I am a new student of 3 Senior High School. Which is located on Belitung road number 8. My family and I was proud to be the student of this school. It's my parents dream if there is a child that can be a student of this school. The students are amazing, they're a very smart students. Some people of them, so ambisious to the lesson. It's very hard to get into this school, because the competition is very tight. That must a smart student or a very talented student of sports or musics or science. 

My hobbies are Karate, singing and playing piano. I follow karate martial arts since I was class 1 elementary school, which name is Karang Pawulang Elementary School. Starting from following extracurricular in my elementary school. I always follow the training at my school every Saturday. Someday, my coach talk to my parents that I has a talent of this. So, since that day, my parents more focus to me and support this martial arts. I still remember the first time I joined the competition at Bandung for selection of Team West Java. So unexpected! I was be the runner up of the competition. And then, I follow the national competition and I win it! That was one of unbelievable moments that happens to my life.

My Unforgettable Present I want to tell you about one of my hobby and my unforgettable present that I've ever had. My hobby is Karate....